Hangalaxy hosts the third optical fiber product competition

Time :2019-06-21 10:37Author :Hangalaxy

From May 30 to June 2, the third Beijing University Student optical communication product practice competition jointly sponsored by Shenzhen huaguangyuneng Technology Co., Ltd. and North University of technology, Beijing University of Posts and telecommunications, Beijing University of information technology, Beijing University of industry and Commerce and Beijing Institute of petroleum and chemical industry was held in full swing in the laboratory 913, Boyuan building, North University of technology. This is also the third time that huaguangyuneng hangalaxy brand and universities in Beijing jointly organized the practice activity of optical communication products for college students.

In the photo the man who wear the pink workclothes in the site is the training instructor who are sent by Shenzhen Hangalaxy Technology Co.,Ltd. The people who wear the light yellow workclothes are the leaders of all the trades who come here to inspect and guide. The people who wear the light blue workclothes are university students from Beijing who participate in training and competitions.

The above photo shows the international foreign students is focusing on the detection work of the optical fiber who participating in the third Beijing University Students Optical Telecommunication Product Practice Competition which is sponsored host by Shenzhen Hangalaxy Technology Co.,Ltd.

With the continue advancement of "broadband China", 5G, and 4K & 8K…etc.strategies, the high-quality optic fiber cable transmission has been gradually penetrating into all area of people's living and all fields of working in recent years. As an optical tecommunication enterprises,Hangalaxy had began to promoting the 4K & 8K, 15-300M transmission integrated HDMI optical fiber cables and DVI fiber cables in the Chinese field of audio and video industry since early 2014.
Hangalaxy's active fiber optical cables are highly integrated, and photoelectric conversion is carried out by placing Ultra-Miniature optical chips in the plugs at both ends of active fiber optical  cables. A simple optical fiber cable is a micro-transmission system filled with the high-tech energy. The product has a variety of standard interfaces to choose , such as HDMI/DVI/DP / USB.
Hangalaxy can effectively solve the 4K/8K ultra-high definition signal common engineering problems such as the transmission distance to be short, the transmission bandwidth to be insufficient , and easy to be interference , which brings great convenience to the project design and the construction. It also ensures the high stability of the signal transmission link.