World Theme Entertainment Association Award-winning Works

Time :2019-06-06 11:55Author :Hangalaxy

During the great living performance show which renowned in China and world of “the Camel legend” , the live broadcast optical fiber transmission cables are provided by brand of “Hangalaxy”. Hangalaxy Brand insist on as always the spirit of the most excellent craftman ,the dignity of the devout quality; once again added the colourful lighting for the large scale project,not only create the value for customers,but also earn the respect from customers.

A Performance Show of Legend Moving Universal, the Camel’s Bell Ancient Road Becoming Famous.With the background of “One Belt and One Road”,through high technology innovative skill creat the running grandful scene, boldly use 20 camels and 30 grey wolf cooperating with the gorgeous performance of the literature actors, on the ancient silk road reappear the East & the West brilliant display of civilizations. Tell you the Camel Legend of great living performances which the cultural exchange between the Prosperous Tang Dynasty and the Foreign Economic Trade.Recently holding in United States the 25th Themed Entertainment Association,abbreviation TEA. At the annual awards ceremony.The real achievement become known that we have honour to receive the award of annual “Outstanding Achievement Aeard”.