Specialized in 4K 8K HDMI AOC Signal Transmission

Time :2020-09-28 22:19Author :Hangalaxy

Specialized in 4K 8K Long Distance Fiber Optical Cable from Hangalaxy

The combination of light and glass presents some unique properties that give AV professionals powerful tools in common AV applications. A fiber optic cable can be used to send high resolution video, audio, and control signals on a single fiber over 30 km (18.75 miles) , and avoids the risk of signal loss or degradation, ground loop hums, and electrical interference. Because transmission of content is inherently secure and immune to outside interference, fiber applications are favored in government, military, and medical environments.

18th, Set, 2020 - Hangzhou Station

Hangalaxy with over 20 years experience, Hangalaxy is the very firstly fiber optic company has been started focus on AV system cabling solution, we've delivered thousands of products for data centers and telecom operators, using world class manufacturing machines, this delivery precise quality, ensuring you an immediate plug and play experience, having signals transmitting 10 to 56 gigabits per second. It's now possible to reach a maximum length 300 meters and customized to your liking. Our AOC assembly with HDMI, DP, USB and DVI standard types of connectors. Our top technology supporting high density and big bandwidth signal transmitted, when you using our solution and service, without glitches and screen blackouts, our cable easily and conveniently help the Audiovisual marketing working fantastic. By believing our product, we bring you every bit of engineering and craftsmanship to your hands, so you can experience your great AV cabling designed, and work fantastic today and in the future.

The type of cabling to use in a fiber optic AV system depends on a variety of factors, including the number of fibers needed, termination options, where the cable is being installed, and how the cable is being used within the infrastructure. For example, the fiber optic AV system shown in uses a centralized switching and distribution system with a single equipment room and multiple work areas. Since the equipment room and work areas are located on a single level, a telecom room is not required. Each fiber optic cable extends from the equipment room to a transmitter or receiver in a work area.