Successful Cases of Hangalaxy in National Conference Project

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Successful Cases of Hangalaxy in National Conference Projects (Part)

Beijing Great Hall of the People 2022-2023 Project

The 15th Meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD COP15) Project

2021 China (Anhui) Science and Technology Innovation Achievement Transformation Fair Project

2017 Asia Pacific Global Geopark Conference International Conference Center Project


The application of active fiber optic cables in smart conferences

Smart conference is a form of conference that improves efficiency and participation through various technological means such as video, audio, interactive whiteboard, real-time translation, voting, etc. It comprehensively records and presents the communication, discussion, decision-making, and other content of attendees, and helps them quickly come up with solutions to problems, improving the results and efficiency of the conference, increasing participation satisfaction, and reducing conference costs.
In smart conferences, the following common problems are often encountered:
1. Signal instability: Some key devices in smart conference systems, such as high-definition cameras, high-quality speakers, conference desktop terminals, etc., may be affected by wireless interference, long distances, network delays, etc., resulting in unstable and slow signals, poor real-time performance, and affecting the conference experience and efficiency.
2. Poor quality: Problems such as noise, interruption, or video frame loss during signal transmission can affect the quality and effectiveness of the conference.
3. Device compatibility issue: There may be compatibility issues between smart conference devices produced by different manufacturers, leading to abnormal signal transmission.
4. Insufficient bandwidth: If there are a large number of participants in the meeting and the network is used to transmit signals, it may lead to insufficient bandwidth and affect the meeting experience.
5. Software issue: The smart conference software may have vulnerabilities or other issues that can cause abnormal signal transmission.
In response to the common problems mentioned above, Hangalaxy brand 8K/4K HDMI fiber optic cables and USB3.0 fiber optic cables can effectively assist in solving these bottlenecks in smart conference signal transmission, meeting the needs of long-distance, high-capacity, and high-quality signal transmission, ensuring smooth signal connection between smart conference devices, and providing strong technical support for efficient, convenient, and high-quality conference communication.