HDMI2.0 Active Optical Cable

Hangalaxy’s HD-2.0 product is a HDMI2.0 active optical cable (AOC) with high bandwidth, low power consumption and low cost. Using optical fiber to replace copper wire as the high-speed signal transmission medium, HD-2.0 can perfectly transmit 4k@60hz UHD image up to more than 100 meters. Compared with the traditional copper wire, HD-2.0 AOC is much longer, softer, more slim, with better signal quality and perfect EMI/EMC feature. Compared with other HDMI optical fiber transmission solution, HD-2.0 AOC is easy to use, has perfect compatibility, and no external power supply needed.


AdvantagePurposeProduct SpecificationScheme comparison


1) Long distance transmission, over 100 meters
2) HDMI2.0 standard, support up to 4K@60hz UHD display
3) Support HDCP2.2
4) Not support Ethernet and ARC
5) Plug and play without driver dependent
6) Thinner, lighter and softer than conventional copper cable
7) Highly resistant with EMI and RFI
8) No external power needed

Hangalaxy Active Optical Cable overcomes the following 3 technical difficulties

1.The integration program to solve high-bandwidth transmission and long-distance transmission;
2.highly integrated system, reducing connecting devices and interfaces, and stable transmission link;
3.Strong anti jamming system, can be wired with the strong electricity.