DP(1.4) AOC A series products

Hangalaxy's DP1.4 A series products adopt  850nm VCSEL Array Technology and built-in photoelectric patented micro-diffractive optical system;the bandwidth rate is 32.4 bps, supporting 8K@30Hz/4K@144Hz/3D/1080p/720p,and the longest support is 300m lossless transmission.
The product supports hot swapping; has strong anti-electromagnetic radio frequency interference performance; low power consumption and does not need any external power drive.


AdvantagePurposeProduct SpecificationScheme comparison


1) Long distance transmission, up to 300 meters.
2) DisplayPort 1.4 standard, support up to 8K display.
3) lock on connector.
4) Plug and play without driver dependent.
5) Support AUX/HPD/HDCP2.2.
6) Highly resistant with EMI and RFI.
7) No external power needed.