USB3.0 Pure optical active fiber optic cable


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brief introduction

USB3.0 active pure fiber high-speed data cable is a product developed and produced by Hangalaxy Technology Co., Ltd., which solves the problem of long-distance transmission of USB signals. The use of fiber optic instead of copper wire as the transmission medium greatly expands the transmission distance of USB3.0. This product is fully compatible with the USB3.0 specification, and the female interface end is equipped with a patented software, which can be compatible with USB2.0/1.1 downwards. Without adding any relay equipment, a plug and play cable can achieve a maximum transmission distance of up to 100 meters.
Technical characteristics
1、 Can fully pass EMC testing in the medical industry
2、 The maximum transmission rate is 5Gbps
3、 Maximum transmission distance of 100 meters
4、 Plug and play, supports hot swapping, overcurrent protection, no need for dedicated drivers
5、 No attenuation, no delay
6、 Anti-interference
7、 Cables are thinner, lighter, and more flexible
8、 Few interfaces, stable transmission performance, convenient and fast construction
9、 Adopting advanced optoelectronic ultra small chips (chip area<1.2mm2)
10、 Using special coatings and production processes
11、 Using a microlens array optical system
12、 Using DuPont aramid
Product parameters
Interface USB3.0 Standard Male TypeA USB3.0 Standard Female TypeA
Fiber optic cable length 10m/15m/20mm/25m/30m/... 80m/90m/100m
Version USB3.0
Bandwidth rate 5Gbps
Power supply 5V,116mA
Power consumption 580mW
Fiber optic cable diameter 3mm
The minimum bending radius of optical cable 20mm
Permissible tensile strength of optical cables  Long term 130N/Short term 230N
Allowable flattening force for optical cables Long term 130N/Short term 230N
Working/Storage Temperature 0°C - 55°C/-20°C - 80°C
matters needing attention
·Attention: The male plug end must be connected to the device USB 3.0, which is not compatible with USB 2.0/1.1. The female interface can be backward compatible with USB2.0 and 1.1. If the male plug end is not connected properly, the device cannot connect properly.
·Attention: The optical fiber cannot be bent 180 degrees, and the bending radius cannot be less than 20mm.
·Attention: There is a USB power supply line at the female interface end. Please connect it to a device with stable voltage and USB 5V power supply, or connect a charging head with stable 5V power supply to avoid damage to the device and internal chips due to voltage fluctuations.